Increasing Need for Tax Attorney’s in Las Vegas


According to a recent article entitled Tax Cheaters Beware: IRS Investigations Are UP, the IRS has stepped up their technology developments to increase their proficiency in identifying dubious tax returns.  The IRS Criminal Investigation published its 2012 annual report showing 5,125 investigation with 2,634 of them turning in convictions.  Even though the IRS employs a smaller tax-collecting agency they have grown the percent of investigations by utilizing smarter technology which detects faulty information and flags the return for a more scrupulous inspection by IRS agents.

For those individuals who do not play in the grey area or on the other side of the line then this is not an issue, however, it does effect the others.  With the IRS stepping up their game it is important to have professionals with extensive understandings of the tax code to protect you against the increasingly prevailing IRS.


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