About the firm

We are Tax Attorney’s serving the Las Vegas and Henderson areas.  Our firm offers comprehensive tax problem solutions for individuals and business’s in area such as IRS Audit Representation, Tax Court Litigation, Estate and Gift Tax Planning, and Income Tax Services to name a few.  For a comprehensive list of services please refer to the “Services” tab located on the menu bar above.

When facing a tax problem with the IRS it is essential to have the correct tools and resources at your disposal to rectify the problem before it gets any bigger.  The IRS is a driving force and can be overwhelming, however,  having an experienced Tax Attorney on your side will help you fight back in solving the tax dispute.

At Arlint & Armstrong we believe in giving personal attention to each issue while focusing on communication with our clients.  By having this open line of communication it allows our clients to gain an understanding of the process and feel comfortable that all the issues are being taken care of in a professional manner.

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